From Antarctic Adventures To Artistic Alloys !

The Saints in the Third Grade Goodness Fruit Stand have been experiencing some awesome adventures in learning!  From our penguin research and Fruitful Event, to pretzel and marshmallow mathematics, to the experience of glassblowing in a glass- making studio! We saw how our study of history, science, and art came together in the amazing works that were on exhibit at the Chrysler Museum of Art.  We are so thankful to God for His creations and for the amazing gifts that He has given so many artists.


Here is our group of 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders in front of the Chrysler Museum.

Ms. Emily demonstrated glass- blowing!  We learned so much about the chemicals that are added together to form various types of glass.  Ms. Emily actually created a beautiful vase for us with our school colors: red, black, and white!

We were filled with awe at the sight of all the beautiful glass from different time periods, from different parts of the world, and from modern perspectives that really let our imaginations run wild!

As we worked on our understanding of geometric concepts, we decided to construct our own artistic works with pretzels and marshmallows to represent points, line segments, rays, lines, and angles.

Here are some pictures of our penguin projects!  We did extensive research on various species of penguins.  We wrote a research paper and created a model of our specific penguin in its habitat.  The model had to meet specific criteria regarding height, materials, creativity, and authenticity.  Some of the penguins represented in our projects included the Galapagos Penguin, the Emperor Penguin, the Little Blue Penguin, the Macaroni Penguin, the Chinstrap Penguin, and Rock Hopper Penguin.


Remembering and Learning From Those Who Served Our Country

“The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with peace.”                   Psalm 29:11

The third graders in the Goodness Fruit Stand learned about Veterans Day this week.  We learned that a veteran is someone who has served in the military in times of war or peace.  We investigated the history of the holiday  and found out that it was originally called Armistice Day because, during World War I, on the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month”, in the year 1918, the fighting stopped, and peace was restored.  Armistice Day became a national holiday on November 11th, 1919 because this was the first anniversary of World War I.

We were fortunate to have a Viet Nam veteran come to talk to our class this week.  We had many questions, so we decided to e mail our questions to him ahead of time.  Our veteran, Mr. Tatum, talked to us about his time in Germany and his time in Viet Nam.  He was in the United States Army.  He joined the Army when he was twenty years old.  He spent six months in Viet Nam during the year 1969.  We learned so much from Mr. Tatum about how our soldiers appreciate our prayers and the packages  we send to  them when they are away from home.

Mr. Tatum told us that there was no such thing as Face time, Skype, or e mail during in the time when he served.  He said that he had to wait in a long line to use the telephone to talk to his loved ones at home.  He wrote many letters when he was away.

After serving in the Army, Mr. Tatum worked at the Portsmouth Naval hospital for many years.  We are so thankful to Mr. Tatum and all of our citizens who serve our country and work hard to keep us safe and free.



Spider Webs, Swamp Animals, Underground Caves, and Water Creatures of the Coastal Plain!

The Saints in the Third Grade Goodness Fruit Stand have been busy exploring God’s World through project- based / problem- based learning!  With preparations for our first Fruitful Event culminating in an awesome presentation by our Saints in the  “Goodness Announced” Event, and with our recent studies of spiders, coastal plains, and piedmont regions, we are certainly “growing our brains”.  God’s creations are amazing!

We expanded our learning through an awesome field trip with the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders to the Virginia Living Museum.  The Saints traveled through a Coastal Plain Gallery and “touched” creatures such as starfish, horseshoe crabs, and rock crabs.  We learned about “molting” and “camouflage” techniques that animals use in the wild.  We traveled into an “underground” cave to learn about Virginia’s cave dwelling creatures such as the pack rat and the blind cave fish  and about how Virginia’s waterways actually have their source in the mountainous regions’ caverns.  Many cypress swamp animals like the alligator, turtles, and catfish and woodland animals such as the coyote, white-tailed deer, bobcat, and red wolf were spotted as we walked along the wilderness boardwalk.

Our classroom adventure was so much fun too!  We enjoyed the “hand-on” lesson about animals and plants.  We bloomed our knowledge about photosynthesis, pollination, and germination.  We learned about which parts of various plants are edible: roots, stems, leaves, and flowers.

Our outdoor adventures included a wild bird sanctuary where many species that have been injured in the wild actually get to stay in a place like their natural habitat and be safe. We saw vultures, pelicans, egrets, and bald eagles! One of the most amazing things we experienced was the LEGO exhibit!  There were many creatures outside that were actually created with thousands and thousands of LEGOS!


Oh, my Goodness!  Where did this pig and this rat come from?  Oh, they are left-over from our novel, Charlotte’s Web!   What fun we had presenting the salvation message through our play about Charlotte’s Web! 


Our “Omnipotent”, “Omnipresent”, and “Omniscient” God Guides Us, As We Experience “Three Weeks” of Incredible Learning!

The Saints in the Third Grade Goodness Fruit Stand have been “blasting off”  and  “flying” through these first three weeks of school!  We are learning so much!  As we study our Bible, we learn what it means to bear fruit and share the love of God with others.  We are learning about the power of God through our Bible studies.  Words such as : “omnipotent”, “omnipresent”, and “omniscient” are becoming part of our vocabulary as we study the Trinity.  We are also studying prophets of God such as Jonah, Nahum, Habakkuk and Huldah.  Huldah was a prophetess who helped the people understand God’s Book of Law.

We began our science studies with an awesome rocket design and launch by “Engineering for Kids”.  We designed and built bottle rockets, then launched them into “space”.  Here are some pictures of us designing and launching our rockets:

We have also been learning about God’s amazing universe!  We see how God planned Earth’s patterns and cycles as we study the phases of the moon and about eclipses.  We constructed “moon phases” out of Oreo Cookies, and displayed our phases in plastic trading card holders.  Admittedly, we ate a lot of them too!  Take a look at some of our moon phase creations:

In math, we are learning about place value with numbers up into the BILLIONS!!! We constructed “Place Value Mats” with color- coding to help us understand huge numbers.

Keep posted for new adventures in learning from the Third Grade Goodness Fruit Stand!

Third Graders Are Starting to Celebrate Our Jubilee Year- 2017-2018!!!


Welcome To A Third Grade Year of Celebration!

Wow! What a quick summer we had!  I am rejoicing at the start of a new school year! I welcome all of my new third graders to the Goodness Fruit Stand. My name is Mrs. Moore. It was great to meet many of you at our back- to- school- orientation on Thursday  night.   I am looking forward to an amazing year of fun-filled learning! As we strive to implement the Fruit of the Spirit at Central Christian Academy, third graders will focus on “Goodness” and explore what the Bible teaches us about the generosity, open- heartedness, and helpfulness associated with goodness.

It’s also C.C.A.’s 5oth year!  JUBILEE!!!!!!!  We will be talking a lot about the word “jubilee” and the celebrations associated with that word.

50 years logo


As you can see by these pictures, I love learning about music, wildlife, literature, and history! I can’t wait to begin learning and working together as we celebrate a year of “Jubilee”!  We will continue to focus on the six C’S as well:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Confidence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Content
  • Creative Innovation

We communicated and collaborated on our first day back to school today as we worked with partners to build a “sugar- cube tower” with “fifty” cubes.  We gained confidence as we tried various designs to support our towers.  There were some very creative structures!

Our quarterly themes about “Goodness” will be shared as we read novels together, solve complex math problems, investigate scientific principles, study how people and events throughout history displayed (or did not display) goodness, and most importantly, as we seek biblical truths.

Much of our learning this year will be project- based learning in small groups and individually.  You will not see traditional nightly homework assignments, but rather, family activities that reinforce our learning, such as nightly reading, math games, computer activities, outdoor activities, community involvement, and church activities such as AWANA.

Our new third graders are an “apple- solutely” awesome bunch! Let the Jubilee begin!

So, let our adventure begin as we travel through the third grade together in the “Goodness Fruit Stand” !

Reflections On A Year In Which God’s Goodness Was Announced, Accepted, Advanced, And Continues To Abound!

As I reflect upon the 2016- 2017 school year (my first year in 3rd grade), I am amazed at the growth that has taken place in our Goodness Fruit Stand!  Not only did growth occur with our little third grade Saints, but it also occurred in their teacher.  I must admit that I was apprehensive about teaching the third grade class, having always worked with older students, but I have come to realize, even more now, that God’s hand was, and continues to be, in everything.  His will was accomplished this year through our little Saints and through me.  I realized that third grade is that turning point; that pivotal year in which students take the basic skills they have learned in reading, writing, and math from the primary grades, and use those skills as vessels to carry them to new and exciting places.  I have seen so much growth academically, socially, and most importantly; I have seen spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth and Social growth were evident in so many ways.  Spiritual growth was seen when  one of my tough little guys asked to share something with me in the hallway.  When we stepped out to talk, he told me in a quite little voice (and with a sweet smile), “Mrs. Moore, I got saved yesterday.”  The tears of joy could not be held back.  We were also blessed to witness the baptisms of three of our third grade classmates this year.  To be able to see a child come to know the Lord and to realize, after talking and sharing with children about our own salvation experience (and the fears that we had as a child), that God uses us as His vessels to bring others into his fold, is one of the most joyful experiences that we as Christians can have. I have truly come to realize that God puts us where He needs us so that we can be used for His purposes.

We bear fruit.  Our third grade Saints have become fruit- bearing vessels.  Even when the storms of life hit, we continue to bear fruit.

“And he will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season and its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers.” Psalm 1:3

Roots: (Our picture with the roots of the tree after Hurricane Matthew)

Academically, these third graders pushed themselves past the goals that I had set and past the goals of the third grade curriculum.  Their eager little minds took off in directions that were fascinating!  Through problem- based/ project- based learning, the Saint discovered new lands, new ideas built upon old facts and old ideas from history, created projects using ideas from their own research, found new ways to solve mathematical problems and situations, and investigated God’s World through science.

Here are a few pictures from some of our projects and games:



The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World:  As seen through the eyes of third- grade researchers and presented through writing, 3-D media design, and technology.

Students are using deductive reasoning skills to determine missing factors with multiplication and dividends with division.

Various interactive projects in Social Studies, Science, and Math.


After reading the novel, The Whipping Boy, Saints created life- size characters from the novel and portrayed things from that character’s point of view for  parents and guests at one of our Fruitful Events.

Wow!  What reflections!  I am so thankful that I was able to spend this year learning right along with my sweet third- grade Saints.  They have grown so much!  I will miss them over the summer, but I am encouraged by the fact that most of them are returning to CCA next year, and will be right next door to me in fourth grade!  Have a blessed summer!  I love you all!  May God continue to bless!








The Saints In The Goodness Fruit Stand Are “Abounding” With “Spring” Ideas!

The Saints in the Goodness Fruit Stand celebrated the resurrection of Jesus as we returned to school from our “Spring Break”!  Christ has risen, indeed!  We celebrated the empty tomb and the beginning of new life!  The Saints in the Goodness Fruit Stand were inspired to paint water colors that depicted the vivid image of the empty tomb and the three crosses in the background.  The third graders were so creative in their use of pastel colors to represent new life and the use of grays and blacks to represent death in the tomb.  Take a look at some of our creations:


In Science, we have been investigating the major components God created in soil and its importance to plants and animals, including humans.  After studying the basic soil horizons or layers, we incorporated the scientific method to form a hypothesis and prove that we could  create our own “Edible Soil Horizon Models”.  Our experiment was quite “tasty”.  Take a look at some of our soil models to see if you can tell what we used for  bedrock, subsoil, topsoil, humus, roots, earthworms, ants, and grass:

Here is a picture of our funny Saints at the end of the day, as we were enjoying our “Edible Soil”!



Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere… Goodness Advanced Through Our Fruitful Event!


The penguins are coming, the penguins are going!  The Saints in the Goodness Fruit Stand learned so much through our research on penguins.  Did you know that there are 17 different species of penguins?  We shared our research with parents, grandparents, and friends during our Fruitful Event, titled “Goodness Advances”.  Completing our penguin research and designing and building our penguin projects helped us gain knowledge, apply knowledge, and learn how to problem- solve.  Take a look at some of our work!

We read the novel, Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  We saw “Goodness Advancing” in so many ways, and we were able to look at themes throughout the book and see what the Bible says about certain issues from the book.  We designed an igloo with summaries from all our chapters.  We compared and contrasted the economics discussed throughout Mr. Popper’s Penguins with the economics of Israel during the time when Jesus was a child and with Colonial Economics from our study of Colonial Williamsburg.  Take a look at some of the pictures from our Fruitful Event preparation.

Here are some pictures from our awesome field trip to Colonial Williamsburg!  We were able to see first- hand how the citizens of Colonial Virginia preserved food, used oils, sent out news, printed newspapers, traveled, and governed.  We compared many of these things to the way things were done during the time when Jesus was a child.

Goodness is “Advancing” Through Awesome Learning Experiences

So much has happened (and is still happening) in the Goodness Fruit Stand!  With all of our recent lessons, events, and experiences, we hardly know where to begin!  We have collaborated on  performances to share God’s Word, communicated our ideas in the planning of events, used our new knowledge of content to make  decisions that involved critical thinking, and designed some fun, aerodynamic paper airplanes to test the “Beginning of March Winds”!

In our Bible studies, we have been focusing on the childhood of Jesus.  We are reading and studying a  book titled, Growing Up Where Jesus Lived.  As we memorize and discuss the meanings of Bible verses,  such as Luke 2:52-” And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”, as well as Philippians 2:8- “And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death on the cross.”, we learned that Jesus was entirely good.  He was fully God and fully man.  We learned that, just like us, Jesus developed physically, intellectually, spiritually, and socially.

Our intermediate teachers collaborated to create a “Video Game Day” for us.  They dressed up like video characters from the movie, “Wreck-It Ralph”.  We rotated to different rooms to design, create, and build cars out of scrap materials, design, create, and build ramps to race the cars we built, try to defeat Wreck-It Ralph in the homophone smart board game, try to  keep the ” Life- Size Jenga Tower” from falling, and watch amazing explosions with Ralph outside. During P.E. time, be used teamwork to build towers as the “Wreck-it Crews” tried to break them down.  This was an awesome job for our teams.  We really enjoyed this surprise day!



Collaborating To Create Our Class “Jesse Tree”

Isaiah 11: 1-2 reads:  “A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; From his roots a Branch will bear fruit.  The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him- the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of power, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.”

The Goodness Fruit Stand created our own “Jesse Tree” after researching these verses from the book of Isaiah.  We collaborated to create our Jesse Tree to depict the figures and symbols that began with the “shoot of Jesse” and ended with the birth of Jesus.

In the old days, in the front of any family Bible, a record was kept of that family’s history.  Over the course of generations, those facing lines spread outwards, like branches and twigs from a single trunk.  That is why we call such a record a “family tree”.

Jesse Trees were depictions of the lineage of Jesus and would have been seen in churches.  Many were carved of wood, stone, or were made of stained glass.  Jesse Trees were Bible story books for the people in olden days.


We measured this wall, and t it was 8 feet, 2 inches from the floor to the ceiling.  Then we decided  to take that measurement and break it apart into lengths for each part of our Jesse Tree.  We decided that the trunk needed to be 6 feet tall, since it is the main part of the tree.  Then, we decided that the “stump”- earth and root system should be about two feet tall and about 3 feet wide.  We decided to paint roots, soil, mole, and worms, since they are underground animals.  Then we made branches that were anywhere from 1 foot to 3 feet long.  We created leaves, blossoms, and fruits as well.  We cut out symbols and the scriptures that described each symbol to add to our tree.