Goodness Was “Announced”, and Now Goodness Is “Accepted” !

The third graders in the Goodness Fruit Stand are exploring various forms of the word “accept”, as we explore our new theme for the second quarter; “Goodness Accepted”.  We constructed graphic organizers to help us visualize forms of the word “accept”, various meanings of the word, and various forms of the word.  We came up with several related meanings and several other forms of the word when we added prefixes and suffixes.  Then we wrote a paragraph using some of these words:

newblog24     newblog26

          ” When we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, He accepts us as we are, sinful, yet forgiven because of God’s grace.  This acceptance of Christ give us joy on Earth and life everlasting in heaven.  Once you have accepted Christ, you will want to live a life for Him, accepting His will for your life.  Jesus accepted death on the cross to pay for our sins.”

We continue to “brainstorm” and work collaboratively in all of our academic areas.  Take a look at our “brainstorming” about the Water Cycle.  Notice how we took concepts in Science and added reading and language ideas about prefixes, suffixes, and spelling.


We have begun our new class novel, The Whipping Boy, by Sid Fleischman.  We are taking a look at life in medieval times, when kings and queens lived in castles.  The prince in the story, Prince Brat, has a whipping boy who accepts the punishment that the prince should receive for wrongdoings.  We are comparing and contrasting these two characters.  We constructed a Venn Diagram and used some vocabulary from our thesaurus to enhance our diagrams.  Check out a couple of examples:

newblog28     newblog29

Just in case you were not able to attend our Fruitful Event, “Goodness Announced”, we would like to share a few pictures from our “Goodness County Fair”, where we aired a live newscast about a “miracle” that saved a life.  We really enjoyed wearing costumes and portraying many of the characters in our novel, Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White.  We were able to share the Gospel message in our portrayal as we explored the words in the web:  “Some Pig”- changed to “Some People”,  “Terrific”, “Radiant”, and “Humble”.

We were able to share Science experiments, internet research, vocabulary skills, and math skills at our “County Fair Booths”.




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