Collaborations and Observations!

The third graders in the Goodness Fruit Stand have learned so much already, and we are only half- way through the first quarter!  We have learned that TEAMWORK and COLLABORATION are two of the keys to our success as we learn.

As we study the Bible, we focus not only on memorizing the books in the Bible, but also about when those books were written, what the theme of each book could be, who the main people in those books were, and who God inspired to write those books.  We worked together with a partner to RESEARCH, and PLAN through COLLABORATION, as we designed graphic organizers to illustrate the themes of the Old Testament Books of Law.  Take a look at some of our collaborative efforts!

bible1 bible2


Speaking of COLLABORATION:  We sure did collaborate and work as a team when we were asked to sort and order numbers on the carpet, using SILENT COMMUNICATION SKILLS!  We learned quickly how to use gestures, sign language, and placement of cards down the hallway to quickly sort them from lowest to highest.  One of the hardest things that we found  during out collaboration and communication, was that some of the numbers went to the thousands, the ten- thousands, and the hundred- thousands place!


In Science, we have been learning about the Scientific Method.  We learned that in order for scientists to solve a problem or answer a question, they need to make careful OBSERVATIONS, form a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, record data, and draw conclusions about their results to confirm their hypothesis.  Here are just a few pictures of one of our science experiments.  We confirmed the hypothesis that carbon bubble would adhere to the wrinkles in a raisin, causing it to rise to the surface of a glass of Sprite, and then quickly sink to the bottom after the bubbles pop in the air, then gather more bubbles, and quickly rise to the top again.  We used a cup of water with raisins in it as our control.  The Sprite in the second cup was our variable.  We called our experiment ” Dancing Raisins!   We are also including a picture of “Dancing Scientists” as we dance and sing the song, “Scientific Method… Scientific Method…”











And… as a special treat during the first half of this quarter, we have had a special guest reader!  Her name is Miss Peterson.  We love to listen to Miss Peterson read from Roald Dahl’s book, The B.F.G.  We love the way Miss Peterson disguises her voice as she creates the characters in our minds!  It’s so nice to relax on a bean bag and let our imaginations take us away!


Two Weeks of “Announcing Goodness”

Announcing!!!  Announcing!!!   Goodness has been announced this week in the Goodness Fruit Stand!  Take a look at some of the learning that has been taking place.

God’s Word announces “Goodness”, and  the third-grade Saints in the Goodness Fruit Stand have been announcing goodness in our spiritual lives, our social lives, and our academic lives through collaboration in studying the Bible, comparing and contrasting literary works, finding answers to daily questions that require critical thinking, and working together to construct games that will solve problems in mathematics.

We are studying “Jesus in the Beginning”, and we are learning about “time lines”.  It was a little confusing at first when we learned about the B.C. years (Before Christ) and counted backward up to the A.D. years (anno domini), and then began to count forward again!

The Saints will be constructing their own time lines and learning about Bible events in history, so our Bible studies and our History will sometimes overlap.

We read two short stories by one of my favorite authors, Patricia Polacco: When Lightning Comes in a Jar, and Thank you, Mr. Falker.  Both books focus on a central character in a family with both trials and “mountain- top” experiences.  We constructed double- bubble comparison/ contrast maps, working collaboratively  to plot the elements from the books as well as the character traits of the characters.  Stay tuned as we begin to explore the writing of E.B. White in the classic novel, Charlotte’s Web. 

Our skills at mathematics have been “multiplying”!!!  We have worked collaboratively to construct games that we can use to help us with place value.  We started by “brainstorming” and coming up with things that we knew could be measured with large numbers.  Our lists included: number of people in the United States, number of people in New York City, and number of cars on the highway.  Then we started thinking of things that would be impossible to measure in human terms, such as: grain of sand on the beach and number of starts in the sky!  We realized that only God can measure those things!

Our place  value games have gone up to the hundred- thousands place so far, but some of us have extended out place value thinking into the hundred- millions!

Here are just a few pictures to give you a glimpse of our collaboration, problem solving, flexible seating, and learning game construction this week!