A Peek into our Mornings

We just started a new morning routine in our classroom.  I have been reading about Morning Meetings and have started a few of the concepts within our classroom.  The saints are loving it and I can see how it is changing the atmosphere in the classroom for the better.

Each morning after the saints check their morning work, a mix of Math and Language, they join the Morning Meeting circle.  We begin by reviewing our classroom expectations and then greet one another.  Some of the favorite greetings are “Copycat” and “Weekend Plans.”  During the “Copycat” greeting the saints get to mimic the actions of the saint we are greeting.  They sure can come up with some crazy moves!  This past Friday we started with the “Weekend Plans.”  The saints say a little poem and then each saint gets to say what he/she is doing for the weekend.  Here’s the poem….”Good Morning _____________, The weekend’s near, Whatcha gonna do when the weekend’s here?”  It is always fun to hear their plans!

After our greeting, the leader will pull a question from the question jar and then 3 sticks from the name jar.  Those 3 saints get to answer the question of the day.  The saints have learned that you can only talk when you are holding the globe ball.  This has proved a great way to teach respect and have the saints listen when one person is talking.

The next part of morning meeting is the saint’s favorite!  Each day I read a short devotion from the book “Weird, Wacky, Strange, and Slimy.” The saints love to guess which animal we are learning about.  I love that the author always brings out a special way God has created the particular animal.  There is always a verse to go along with the animal and an application for the day.


After we have our classroom devotions, the saints share prayer requests.  The Morning Meeting leader is also our prayer leader for the week.  This saint opens our day in prayer.  This is my favorite part of the day.  I love hearing them share their little hearts and come to God to supply each of their needs.  They daily remind me how important it is to bring everything to God.

I am loving Morning Meeting!  It is a great time to come together as a group and get our day started every morning.  I am learning more about each saint and they are learning how to communicate with each other!