A New Beginning

Wow,  what a crazy summer it has been!  There have been many new beginnings in my life over the past few months.  A new baby, a new role (becoming a mom), and a new understanding of the amount of love that can be felt in a matter of seconds.

This has given me a new perspective of the parents I will have the pleasure of working with this year.  I am only beginning to understand the pride you take in every accomplishment or the hurt you feel when something unpleasant happens to your child.  Some days will be filled with accomplishments. Some days there will be unpleasant things.  It is my prayer that I am able to share God’s love through every circumstance.

As we begin a new school year I want to say thank you for letting me love on and take care of your precious babies.  I am looking forward to the many new things they will teach me this year.