On Tuesday, the students learned how to write limericks in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  They are a type of nonsense poetry that are meant to be silly and very funny.  They have five lines and a very specific rhythm and beat.  Legend has it they originate from Ireland which is why we often hear them around St. Patrick’s Day.  Each student wrote 2 on their own, using a template, and then wrote another 2, from scratch, with a partner.  Here is some of their work!

I once met a girl from a store

Every day she would like more

But whenever she got a toy

Then she’d play as a boy

That strange girl from a store


I once met a boy from Troy

Every day he would say ahoy!

But whenever he played the arcade

The boy would smell like marmalade

That strange smelly boy from Troy


There once was a man called Stan

All the while he hoped to get a plan

So he went to some mud

And he got a spud

That guy called Stan


There once was a girl named Pearl

All the while she hoped to twirl

So she danced until she upchucked

And everyone ducked

That sick girl call Pearl


I once met a boy from heaven

Every day he would tell me his name was Evan

But whenever he started running and crying

The boy was flying

That strange boy from heaven


I once met a maid from Peru

Every day she cooked stew

But whenever she read

The silence was dread

That strange old maid from Peru


There once was a man called king

All the while he hoped to sing

So he got too loud

And got so proud

That man called king


Cameron had a ball

He was tall and had a big fall

He hit his head

Then went to bed

Cameron and his ball


There once was a boy named Jack

He liked to whack people on the back

One day he swung

At a guy named Chung

That mean, mean boy named Jack


There once was a man named crazy man

And he liked to stand under a fan

The crazy man found a cow

And the cow went ka-pow

That crazy man under a fan