Can YOU Save Fred???

This week we learned about the scientific method using a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) lesson.  The students were given the following problem:  A worm named Fred was out fishing when his boat capsized.  He did not know how to swim and his life preserver was stuck under the boat.  The students must save him by getting him into the life preserver.  The challenge, no hands allowed!  Each group was given 4 paperclips and could only touch these to save Fred. 

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When I first told the student what they were going to do, a range of emotions came out.  They were excited to be working with candy, with the hopes of eating it, but they were befuddled when they learned they couldn’t use their hands. 

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I was very impressed with each group’s inventive strategies to save Fred.  Although some groups had an easier time than other, I am proud to say that all four groups saved Fred! 

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We have challenged the parents to save Fred this weekend.  I can’t wait to hear their results!  


6 thoughts on “Can YOU Save Fred???

  1. Mr. Turner

    Maquari and I used teamwork to get this assignment done. This was very interesting being that we couldn’t use our hands. The only challenge, was of course the worm being larger than the life saver. We overcame this by working together, and Fred didn’t drown. This was a fun project to be a part of..

  2. Sarah Slezak

    Keeley challenged her Aunt Bec to save Fred. After lots of laughter, they were finally able to get Fred through the life saver. Pretty cool assignment!

  3. Justin Douglas

    The Douglas Family enjoyed the challenge. We used teamwork and patience and it was challenging not being able to use our hands. Getting Fred into the life jacket “life saver” was the most difficult part. We used the paper clips to but Fred into the life saver. FRED LIVED!!!! This was a great way to show the importance of teamwork. We had a lot of fun.

  4. Ethan and Melissa White

    We worked together on this at the dinner table during dinner. It made for great conversation, good laughs, and a not-so-chaotic mealtime with the kids! After setting up the scenario, Ethan and I just stared at it for a minute and then communicated different ideas on how to tackle the challenge. We worked together to lift up the cup using the paper clips. Ethan stretched the gummy life saver with two of the paper clips while I used the other two clips to help pull Fred through the life saver. Fred survived! The other kids attempted the challenge, too. So fun!

  5. Marcy Schelly

    I finally found ccawordspress just now thanks to the handy text reminder we signed up for. Looking forward to participating at home on the next assignments. Thanks for what you do!

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