Can YOU Save Fred???

This week we learned about the scientific method using a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) lesson.  The students were given the following problem:  A worm named Fred was out fishing when his boat capsized.  He did not know how to swim and his life preserver was stuck under the boat.  The students must save him by getting him into the life preserver.  The challenge, no hands allowed!  Each group was given 4 paperclips and could only touch these to save Fred. 

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When I first told the student what they were going to do, a range of emotions came out.  They were excited to be working with candy, with the hopes of eating it, but they were befuddled when they learned they couldn’t use their hands. 

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I was very impressed with each group’s inventive strategies to save Fred.  Although some groups had an easier time than other, I am proud to say that all four groups saved Fred! 

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We have challenged the parents to save Fred this weekend.  I can’t wait to hear their results!  


Every Action has a Consequence

As we began our first week of third grade, the saints were given many opportunities to learn about each other, work together, and learn that every action has a consequence.

We started Tuesday morning by making sculptures of something memorable from summer break.  Here are the things they created!

Cameron Kaiden Keeley Maquari Noah Nolan Ricky Waylon

On Wednesday, the students had a chance to work in teams and create the tallest tower they could out of cups.  I loved hearing the discussions around the room and seeing the students work together.  At the end, we came together as a class, discussed what worked and what didn’t, and then tried to build a tower together.  The students learned that we all have special talents and everyone has a special role to play in the classroom.

Kaiden and RickyNoah and CameronMaquari and NolanWaylon and Keeley

My favorite activity of the week was on consequences.  We began by talking about consequences.  Of course, the students only thought of negative consequences at first, but then we discussed how all actions have consequences, some positive and some negative.  They gave great examples for both.  I told them we had an activity that would have a consequence at the end, but they could not know the consequence until after I gave everything out and they had an action.  The students were very excited and wanted to see what we the activity was!  I gave each student a glove and then pulled out a bag of M&M’s.  The students were ecstatic to see the candy come out!  Each student was allowed to take out as many M&M’s as he/she would like, with a minimum of at least 5.  Then the consequence came…they must write a 7-up sentence (a sentence with a minimum of 7 words and extra details) for each each M&M on their desk.  Some students were very excited about the consequence (those with 10-20 M&M’s) and others were not as happy (those with over 40 M&M’s).  As the week went by, each student worked on his/her sentences and I was able to get great writing samples.  I am sure the students now have a very good understanding that every action has a consequence!